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Christina Sullivan and Raquel Farrell-Kirk

Christina Sullivan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who loves working with children with autism spectrum disorders, ADD/ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, Non-Verbal Learning Disability, and other challenges;  diagnosed or not. While her young son with autism was in elementary school, she decided that he would not be attending a traditional middle school. Learners like her son, do not possess cognitive delays or impairments, but struggle with social understanding, and executive functioning, which makes school difficult for them. Moreover, they often have interests and passions that may not be explored  in traditional schools  and tend to benefit from multi-modal presentation of materials. These students need a smaller environment, opportunities for movement throughout the day, and interventions to improve their Executive Functioning skills. 
In her private practice, she observed that many of her clients were struggling with similar challenges. Though capable academically, impairments in social/emotional and executive functioning skills kept them from demonstrating their competence and success, leaving them feeling depressed and anxious. 
She visited multiple schools, both public and private, in search of the right program. It was then that  the idea of this learning environment began to evolve. Christina has created a learning community focusing on teaching skills beneficial to her learners while creating a compassionate and mindful learning environment.
"I love teaching kids to take a mindful approach to learning and living"
- Christina

Raquel Farrell-Kirk has been homeschooling for the past six years and is very passionate about helping others pursue this lifestyle. When you love something, you want to tell everyone about it.
She has also been an art therapist for 17 years, so you can bet art and creativity will come into play in just about every one of the many interests and projects she seems to always be involved in. 
Homeschooling was the perfect answer to her family's version of the "school-is-just-not-really-working-for-us" dilemma. Maybe it is the answer for you, maybe it is not. Maybe you are already doing it. Either way, they can help. She looks forward to talking to you!
"I believe the best learning starts and ends with JOY!"
- Raquel 

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