Our team

Christina Sullivan


Tina's experiences as a clincian and as a mother led her to create this unique learning environment. She seeks to ensure that tools like yoga, mindfulness, and executive functioning skill building strategies are made available and accessible to as many learners as possible. 
Ms. Judith

Judith Montalven
Lead Teacher, Explorers Program

Judith brings a special spark to the classroom and forms a unique bond with each student. She leads our book club discussion group, and teaches Philosophy and Critical Thinking. She is so well loved that when we asked students to name their favorite thing about Evovle they said :
"Ms Judith".
Ms. Elaine

Elaine Pena
​Lead Teacher, Adventurers Program

Elaine's enthusiasm and her skill as a performer mean her classes are always fun and engaging, no matter what age group she is working with. Elaine ensures that our youngest learners are moving and having fun while they learn; but her talents extend all the way through our oldest students. In fact, her weekly Drama classes have quickly become a not-to-be-missed favorite that sends laughter and dramatic speeches echoing down the hall.
Ms. Kate

Kate Murphy
Teacher/Behavior Specialist

As an Educator and Behavior Specialist for over 30 years, Ms. Murphy has worked with a diverse population of adults and children in a variety of settings from hospitals, to schools, group homes, and in clients' homes. She is passionate about assisting children, school staff and families in improving their lives both educationally and behaviorally.
Raquel Farrell-Kirk


Raquel fell in love with homeschool years ago and is dedicated to helping more families make this lifestyle switch. It is her mission to help students and thier families feel empowered to take control of thier educational journey and make changes tailored to their unique strenghts, insterests and abilities.