So what exactly can my family do at Evolve Learning Center ?

Regardless of what your family needs, you will be able to use Evolve Learning Center as the center of your homeschool world.
You can choose to enroll in one enrichment class, a two day a week part time basis, or full time Monday-Friday. Full time students are on site Monday to Friday, 9:30am-3:30pm, and are given an individualized curriculum. 

Part time students can attend two days a week and work on a combination of curriculum from home and our resources or special projects. 

We also offer enrichment classes each semester, which families can sign up for on an individual basis. For example, you might decide to sign up for just the creative wrtiting enrichment class, or to combine several enrichment classes. Topics and schedules for enrichment classes vary each semester. 

We are also proud to offer free events open to the homeschool community such as book clubs, current events discussion groups, and much more. 

Please like us on facebook, check our schedule of events page on this website, or call us at (954) 440-2483 for the latest scheduling and offerings. 

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