Our take on learning
(well, not just ours)


W​​e love learning.
Here is, in a nutshell, what we would say about learning:
Learning should come from, and lead to, JOY.
Student led learning, homeschooling, delight directed learning, all sound like different ways of saying let students learn about that which brings them joy. Start with thier interests and strengths. Guess what happens when you start from something you are interested in and are given resources and support to speak to your strengths... You enjoy it (there's that word again).  Then, when you have been successful at learning it, you feel proud, excited and maybe even joyful. So you step forward to learn the next thing and the cycle begins again. 
Do not misread this to mean that we think learning can never be difficult, challenging or slow going. Challenges and joy are not mutually exclusive. In fact they are often inextricably interwoven. I can tell you after homeschooling for five years that my days do not always start and end with joy. But, I can also tell you that my kids' eyes light up when they are pursuing something they are interested in, and that they take great pride and joy in sharing what they know (and retain it beyond all reasonable expectations!). So I know joy is the key ~ Raquel. 
Please check out the links below to some inspiring TED talks that are very well aligned with our beliefs about learning.